Jorn Verboon


Jorn Verboon is a Built Environment student at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, where he studies the Urban Design specialization. Through some projects with interfaces in landscape architecture, his interest started in this area of Urban Design.

He started an internship at H+N+S to broaden and deepen his knowledge in the field of landscape architecture and then continue studying at the master in landscape architecture after his bachelor's degree in urban design.

He finds it important to learn something new in every project, which is why at H+N+S he has put the emphasis on projects on a medium and large scale. Energy transition, climate adaptation & the relationship between urban and landscape design are the specific aspects that he wants to develop within landscape architecture. With his background in urban design, he sees some subjects from a different perspective, which can provide added value in analysis and design.

He has summarized his ultimate vision in one sentence: The future is now. With the underlying explanation that the design of today is the future of tomorrow.



Masterplan Energielandgoed Wells Meer

  • Landscaping
  • Sustainable Region
  • Energy & Space

Landscape plan ViA15 (A12/A15)

  • Infrastructure