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Josje Hoefsloot

Landscape architect

Josje Hoefsloot (1992) studied landscape architecture at Wageningen University from 2010 to 2017 and has been working at H+N+S since her graduation. In her Bachelor she orientated herself broadly with a minor in tourism and an additional master class. In Wageningen she also did the Master Landscape Architecture. She then deepened her studies with extra courses in International Land & Water Management and an Erasmus Exchange at the University of Copenhagen for six months where she took design courses.

During her studies she worked with various offices and agencies, such as the municipality of Geldermalsen, ARA Zambeze and LINT Landscape Architecture. She did her Master’s thesis (which was partly implemented) in Mozambique, in collaboration with ARA Zambeze. In addition to her work at H+N+S, Josje is developing in a professional way in the Professional Experience Period.

Josje's focus areas

Josje has a fascination for how landscapes develop (where does it come from, what is the current state, what are the trends and where should it go?). At H+N+S her ambition is to bring together complex landscape challenges into specific, multi-layered solutions. She enjoys working on regional strategic proposals such as the IJsselmeer Energy Exploration and the High Sandy Soils of the southern Netherlands. With the same curiosity and progressivity, she is involved in smaller design assignments such as the dyke reinforcement of Durgerdam and Vegetable garden de Pampel on the Hoge Veluwe. Her studies in Wageningen, with depth and international character, forms the right basis for this.


Durgerdam polder IJdoorn huidige situatie
Energy vision for the IJsselmeer, multiple solutions solar-sand ibank

Josje's partners

  • Over Morgen
  • Palmbout Urban Landscapes

Josje's clients

  • Provincie Flevoland
  • Provincie Fryslan
  • Provincie Noord-Holland
  • Provincie Noord-Brabant
  • Hoogheemraadschap Hollands Noorderkwartier

Josje's projects

  • Dijkversterking Durgerdam
  • Energieverkenning IJsselmeer
  • Nationaal park Nieuw Land
  • Omgevingsvisie Noord-Brabant
  • Trekvaart Haarlem-Amsterdam



Deltaplan Hoge Zandgronden Zoetwater Zuid Nederland

  • Sustainable Region
  • Water & Space

Handreiking Ruimtelijke Kwaliteit Dijkversterking Stad Tiel

  • Heritage
  • Infrastructure
  • Water & Space

Energie-opwekking in de landschappen van Overijssel

  • Sustainable Region
  • Energy & Space

Integraal Ruimtelijk Programma Durgerdam

  • Water & Space

Reisgids klimaatrobuuste beekdalen

  • Water & Space