Olivier Klijn


Olivier Klijn is a Master of science student in Landscape Architecture at the Wageningen University. During his Bachelor's degree, which also comprised Landscape Architecture in Wageningen, he took part in a half-year Minor at the technical university in Delft. This Minor (Neighbourhood of the Future - Green Blue Cities) provided him with more extensive knowledge on climate adaptation and landscape design in the urban environment. During his study, he specialised in design for climate adaptation, sustainability and the relation between nature and health.

In addition to his internship at H+N+S, Olivier is also working on a Master thesis that investigates the potential of railway yards to provide cooling for warm urban environments. This design project requires the integration of numerous aspects of design (e.g. infrastructure, climate adaptation, nuisance, safety, ecology and sustainability). His interest in the railroad sector stems from his experiences of traveling for over 9000 km with the Trans-Siberian Express where he traversed Russia with.

Olivier joined H+N+S because the visions and work methods of H+N+S fit well to those of his own. Additionally, knowledge that he gains while working here might be applicable to further development of his Master thesis.