Olivier Klijn

Landscape architect

Olivier Klijn is landscape architect at H+N+S with a dedication to promote the interaction between people and their natural environment. With design he strives to bring more nature and adventure to the Dutch landscape and to develop the relation between nature and health further. He is also dedicated to work on the urgent societal challenges of present time, including climate adaptation and sustainability, often in relation to the water system. Aside from his professional activities, Olivier is a sports and nature enthusiast. Therefore, he enjoys design challenges where nature, outdoor sports, recreation, and living should come together.


Olivier Klijn graduated as MSc in Landscape Architecture at the Wageningen University (WUR). During his Bachelor's degree (also Landscape Architecture at the WUR) he took part in a half-year Minor at the technical university in Delft. This Minor (Neighbourhood of the Future - Green Blue Cities) was mainly about research through design in urban outdoor spaces, with a focus on climate adaptation. During his studies Olivier specialised in design for climate adaptation, sustainability and the relation between nature and health.

Concept Eternal Water Source (image in cooperation with Camille Poureau)


Olivier’s fascination for large scale and complex water issues also originated during his studies. At H+N+S he has worked on various projects of this character including an exploration of the issues, tasks and action perspective of the water system of the Achterhoek for the waterboard Rijn en IJssel and the Blue Environmental vision for Wetterskip Fryslân. He is currently working on a pilot project for Notter-Zuna to apply the Eo Wijers winning concept ‘The Eternal Water Source – a water landscape with an eternal future’.

Vision for the Ecological zone Melksteeg
Predominant changes highlighted
Current situation


Olivier is also comfortable with design on small scales. For example, he worked on the Slenk and nature camping in the Hollandse Hout, the Ecological zone Melksteeg West of Amersfoort and the Future perspective of the Margotstelling and surrounding dune area on Terschelling. The main challenge in these projects was to make the following aspects inclusive or, where necessary, consciously separated; nature, outdoor sports, recreation and living. This required a clear zoning of private/public space. These plans also required a refined strategy for construction and maintenance.

20220209 Doorsnedes 1-500_Moeraseilanden.jpg


Olivier graduated with a master’s thesis about the cooling potential of railway yards (at night) and how this can prevent urban heat stress. This thesis required the integration of various theme’s such as infrastructure, climate adaptation, nuisance, and safety, but also ecology and sustainability. His interest in the rail sector originated from experiences with the Trans-Siberian Railway in which he travelled more than 9000 km through Russia. The desolate and pristine Siberia is an unrelenting place during the winter. Nevertheless, this train journey and landscape have occupied a special place in Olivier’s heart and he strives to bring more nature and adventure to the Dutch landscape.

Olkhon Island (Lake Baikal, Russia):


Olivier is also a sports and nature enthusiast. He does athletics and cycling and has learned how to look at landscapes and nature from a young age. Hence, he developed a strong appreciation for the natural landscape. He trains as an athlete, but is also a trainer, in the disciplines high jump, long jump and pole vaulting. Consequently, he is highly passionate about design projects related to nature, sports, and recreation.

Olivier's focus

Nature development + Public space

  • De Melksteeg, Amersfoort
  • Margotstelling Formerum, Terschelling
  • Slenk en Natuurkamperen, Hollandse Hout

Water + Regio

  • De Eeuwige Bron, Twente
  • Visieontwikkeling aanpak Droogte, Achterhoek
  • BOVI Wetterskip, Fryslan



Slenk en natuurkamperen

  • Landscaping
  • Nature development
  • Water & Space

Punthoofd Formerum

  • Heritage
  • Landscaping
  • Nature development

Aanpak Droogte Achterhoek

  • Water & Space

De Eeuwige Bron

  • Sustainable Region
  • Energy & Space
  • Agriculture