Cycling tour along projects

On Saturday, August 27th a part of the H+N+S team made a 156 km bike tour along various projects. Both old and new projects were visited by bike. The route started at the H+N+S office in Amersfoort and brought us along some interesting places, both scenic and sportive.

News Aug. 29, 2016, Netherlands

The route: along the Valleikanaal (Grebbelinie) on the Utrechtse Heuvelrug (Amerongse Berg), with the ferry across the Rhine, through the Betuwe through Pr.Willem Alexander Bridge over the Waal, over the dike (dike reinforcement Afferden - Dreumel) to Nijmegen (I- Lent/room for the Waal), via the fast cycle route of the RijnWaalpad through the Lingezegen Park Arnhem (ViaA15 crossing), along Doorwerth (Fonteinallee) to Wageningen, and over the Rijndijk towards Rhenen, passing the 'Blauwe Kamer' (Grebbeberg), via the Defensieweg, and again over the Amerongse Berg, finishing in Maarn.