Dune carcass Vlieland

This summer, Inge Kersten (H+N+S) and Jorrit Noordhuizen (NOHNIK) will build a 'dune carcass' on the beach at Vlieland and leave it there for 4 months to test whether their design can effectively build dunes. Via social media and this website we'll give a visual report of the experiment.

News July 11, 2016, Vlieland

Five years ago, Inge Kersten and Jorrit Noordhuizen designed the installation as a graduation project. The carcass is designed to help develop dunes in an urban environment. They have tested the design in a wind tunnel, but this larger experiment will show whether it will also work under unpredictable circumstances.

Thanks to the Open Call for 'Experiment' of the Fund for Creative Industries and the local parties from Vlieland, this experiment can be executed. The 'dune carcass' has a total lenght of 60-90 meters and will be tested on the beach next to the entrance to the Reddingbootpad, where wind and sea dynamics will interact with the structure.

Article in Leeuwarder Courant

groeimodel fase1-v2.jpg
Artist impression growth of dunes around the 'dune carcass'