Parana Delta Research by Design

On Monday 29 October, our research for the Parana Delta was presented during the Conference Binacional de Gestion Integral del Agua (Bi-national Conference on Integrated Water Management) in Buenos Aires. The research was realized in collaboration with FABRICations, One Architecture, Deltares and INA, and provides future scenarios for the Parana Delta in Argentina in the fields of ecology & landscape, urban development, land use, tourism and recreation. It focuses on the system properties of the delta and the changes about to come in this area.

News Nov. 23, 2018, Buenos Aires

In the context of a collaboration between the Netherlands and Argentina, a workshop was organized in Buenos Aires at the end of August 2018. Based on a first workshop to get to know the area, we investigated the conditions and the developments that affect it in the Parana Delta in the following months. The result is a plea for an integrated approach to a number of complicated issues. The research presents future scenarios in which water safety, ecology and economy are linked in a sustainable vision of the future development of this delta near Buenos Aires.

At the 'Bi-national Conference on Integrated Water Management' at the end of October 2018, various projects and studies from the Netherlands and Argentina on integrated water management were presented in relation to regional development, circular economy, climate change, ecology and water quality. Among others, the Argentina’s State secretary for water Pablo Bereciartua and the Dutch Water ambassador Henk Ovink presented two large bilateral pre-feasibility studies to citizens, governments and professionals. One of these is the vision on the Parana Delta of the team of FABRICations, One Architecture, Deltares, INA and H + N + S. It is clear that the water-food-climate-nexus is high on the Argentinian agenda, and a substantive commitment from the Netherlands is and remains desirable. Our study was welcomed enthusiastically. It will hopefully develop further.


To the report of the Dutch Water Partnership about the Binationale Water Conference