Caz Gagné


Caz (Caroline) Gagné is pursuing her Master of Landscape Architecture at the University of Pennsylvania’s Stuart Weitzman School of Design. Before moving to Philadelphia, she worked in Washington D.C. as a forest restoration research analyst at the World Resources Institute, where she designed and led smallholder tree-planting business accelerator programs in Malawi, Niger, and Kenya. Previously, she lived in Istanbul and worked for a Turkish solar energy start-up, and before that was a communications associate at the New York Times. Caz graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Columbia University in 2013.   

Currently in her second year of graduate school, Caz finds great joy in deep research dives and translating her systems thinking into experientially compelling and awe-inspiring designs. Her work experience has been fundamental to how she approaches design projects: analyzing problems from multiple perspectives, identifying key leverage points, and aiming for innovative and engaging solutions. 

Caz joined H+N+S as an intern to gain real-world design experience at a firm that works on mid and large-scale, high-impact climate mitigation and water-focused projects.