Greta Girone


Greta Girone (1992) started her studies in 2010 in her home town (Bari, Italy) at the Polytechnic University doing a master degree in Architecture and Town planning. She started a Master in Landscape Architecture in Barcelona in 2017, where she had the chance to work on different themes and scales, with a special interest in coastal management and water systems.

Her master thesis focused on an abandoned industrial district in the outskirts of Barcelona where she studied the different types of interventions and renovations of abandoned landscapes and industrial clusters. She payed particular attention to the recycle and the reuse of drosscapes, and how to give new life to landscape systems, involving not only new uses but also ecological and energetic aspects. 

In her free time, Greta loves to play golf, which was the first thing that brought her closer to landscape and nature. She is currently an intern in H+N+S and she will finish her second Master in March 2019.