Juntian Chen


Juntian Chen is from Nantong city, China. He studied environmental art design in China (2015-2019) and sustainable urban planning in Sweden (2019-2021). He graduated from Huazhong university of science and technology (HUST) in 2019 with a bachelor's degree in environmental design.

In 2021, he got his master’s degree at Chalmers university of technology and he finished his master thesis, which focused on researching urban circular food systems by using Gothenburg as an example to explore how to improve self-sufficiency in urban areas while at the same time reducing the negative effect of expanding agriculture in Scandinavian coastal cities in the coming decades.

Juntian’s starting point of learning landscape architecture is from the experience of living in his hometown before 2015 - which is a city famous for its unique tidal flats and fish farms - but now has been transformed by large scale land-reclamation projects. He hopes to learn design methods and achieve working experience in the field of resilient landscape design related to coastal environment and reclamation area, in order to contribute to the realization of sustainable coastal areas in the future. Meanwhile, he is interested in exploring the application of nature-based solutions in landscape design. H+N+S attracted him because of its ‘Dutch landscape approach’ and cross-disciplinary working methods in different relevant projects, so he chose H+N+S as a platform to start his career as an intern landscape architect.