APA Excellence Awards

The American Planning Association’s 2015 National Planning Awards Jury has selected the Urban Water Plan to receive the National Planning Excellence Award for Environmental Planning. This is the highest honor the APA can bestow upon a project, which was found to be the best in the category.

Nieuws 3 april 2015, New Orleans, VS

"the first regional water plan of its kind in the country"

Jury report

To quote only a few excerpts from APA National, the plan was named “the first regional water plan of its kind in the country”, “a vision with urgency and significance”, and “an elemental change in the region’s approach to water management”.

APA National Planning Excellence Award 2015

Shortly after its release the Greater New Orleans Urban Water Plan recieved the 2014 Planning Excellence Award by the American Planning Association’s Louisiana Chapter. The City, State, and National Awards are a testament of the team’s exceptional and innovative planning skills and a recognition of the exemplary commitment, dedication, and collaboration it takes to produce three overarching volumes and 26 separate reports, while conducting more than 50 outreach meetings, and continuing to pursue actions to develop the industry and implement the plan.

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