Seminar and opening of the exhibition WATERWORKS at TU Delft, Faculty of Architecture and the Built Environment. During the seminar, three well-known Dutch design offices present and discuss their "wet-projects". The firms LODEWIJK BALJON, H+N+S, and ZUS discuss their works with the audience. The seminar will be moderated by Eric Luiten. Pieter Schengenga will represent our office.

Event 23 november 2017, TU Delft

All presented photos are made by Luuk Kramer and are part of the book 'Waterworks in the Netherlands: Tradition and Innovation' recently published at Nai010 Publishers. You can find more about the event on 23 November at the TU Delft here

The publication by Inge Bobbink, Bernard Hulsman, Eric Luiten, Lodewijk van Nieuwenhuize, Theo van Oeffelt and Luuk Kramer portrays the diversity and spatial, cultural and cultural-historical significance of these works of engineering. 

This beautifully designed book presents some 50 of the most important waterworks including extensive photographic and textual documentation as well as three essays that exhaustively discuss the technical, administrative and cultural significance of these waterworks in the context of the Dutch water system. It is available in Dutch and English.

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