H+N+S 30 year anniversary

March 3, 2020

On the 1st of March, we officially celebrated the three decennia H+N+S has been active in the field of landscape architecture, making the Netherlands (and some other parts of the world) a bit more beautiful, functional, sustainable and interesting. We are celebrating our jubilee in different ways: one of them is the publication (still in progress) of a magazine with and for our clients, partners and (former) colleagues. More information is to come soon.

Another activity will take place later this year. We are organising a study day for our clients, partners and (former) colleagues whom we have worked with in the past 30 years. The day will combine an excursion and the presentation of our jubilee magazine. If you don't want to miss it... stay updated via our website and social media. Due to the Corona crisis, we will have more information about the dates at a later time.

To be in the atmosphere, here's a short film from a few years ago that we found in the archives...