Project leader, Landscape architect

Frank Talsma

Frank has extensive experience in a wide range of design projects, both at a high and low scale level. In recent years, project management and design work on infrastructural projects has predominated. In addition, Frank works on vision and planning in 'green' design projects, as well as the effect of this in the concrete landscape architectural design and the detailing in the preparation of planting plans.


Frank Talsma studied garden and landscape design at the International University of Applied Sciences Larenstein between 1994 and 1999. After working for a year at B+B Urbanism and Landscape Architecture, he left for Barcelona to do his master's degree in landscape architecture (Máster de Arquitectura del Paisaje) at the ETSAB/UPC to follow (2000-2002). He combined this study with freelance assignments and at the same time he was employed by the bureau MF arquitectura del paisage. Since his return to the Netherlands in February 2002, he has been working as a landscape architect at H+N+S Landscape Architects.


Designing infrastructure through the different scale levels is currently one of Frank's important areas of interest within landscape architecture. Sometimes this is on the client side (State, Province, Municipality), but often also on the contractor side (contractor combinations in tenders). Some characteristic projects at a high scale level are the Route design for the A4 (Amsterdam-Antwerp), The integration vision for the N31 Haak om Leeuwarden, The Buitenring Parkstad Limburg, Tender for the Hoevelaken A1/A28 junction, the design and integration of 'De Centrale As (N356)' where Frank was also a member of the Qteam and he is currently working on the N69 and the realization of the A1 Apeldoorn-Azelo widening task.

Frank is working on the Western Access Road for the Municipality of Amersfoort, in which the connection to local design issues in the immediate vicinity, the use of opportunities and the effect down to the detail level are central. In addition to preserving the overview, the coherence and the logic of the design choices, Frank's fascination lies with 'the manufacturability of things'. In addition to 'dry' infrastructure projects, Frank also has experience with 'wet' infrastructure, including several lock projects: the Beatrix lock (tender phase and implementation phase) and the tenders for Lock Eefde, Lock Terneuzen and the tender for the reinforcement of the Afsluitdijk.

Designing 'Green' furnishing projects is a second focus in Frank's work. Both in terms of vision and planning, designing across the scales, and the concrete elaboration down to the level of detail and planting choices. His plant knowledge and experience with concrete design projects such as Meijendel refurbishment, St. Hubertus garden and park construction in NP de Hoge Veluwe, 'the round' Sloterplas and various realized garden designs come in handy in many projects. But also the redevelopment of central areas such as the design for the boulevard of Wenduine (B) and the redevelopment of the central area of ​​Boxtel are part of Frank's expertise.

Frank is a passionate beekeeper, organic (vegetable) gardener, vegetarian & yogi