Landscape designer

Linde Keip

Linde Keip has been working as a landscape designer at H+N+S since September 2021, working on assignments addressing a range of projects, from the distant future to the current reality and working from large scale to detail.


Linde studied landscape architecture at Wageningen University from 2013 to 2020, during her studies she did an internship at Flux landscape architecture. In addition to her studies in Wageningen to discover other places and to gain experience with different ways of designing, she studied at the Istanbul Technical University for a year and followed a semester at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam. Out of interest and to gain practical knowledge she worked as a gardener at the Marine area in Amsterdam for a few months after finishing her degree in Wageningen. Since autumn 2021 she has been working at H+N+S as a junior landscape architect and is currently following the Professional Experience Program to gain the title of landscape architect.


Landscape processes

What inspires her as a designer is thinking along with the natural processes in the landscape, from regional to detail. By creating conditions in natural processes continue to change the landscape over time. She has been working on this topic in various projects such as NL2100 future atelier, recreation and nature development in the inner dunes near Bergen and Panorama Waterland in Lochem.

Messy space of the city

Linde has a fascination for the messy in-between spaces of the city, she is interested in projects in which this existing situation is taken as an inspiration and starting point for the design. Thereby looking for design interventions that 'activate' the existing into a desired new situation. For her graduation project, Linde studied the use of these in-between spaces in the city. An investigation into how design interventions can let the informal space become part of the public green space of the city without formalizing it. The research resulted in a series of minimalist interventions that influence the perception of the users and thus bring about a change in use.

Linde is currently working on Ringpark Zuid in Antwerp, where these aspects are also addressed.

Other activities

Art collective If Paradise Is Half As Nice

In the summer of 2022, Linde was invited as a guest artist by the art collective 'If Paradise Is Half As Nice'. Every year the collective selects a vacant lot to live and work for a period of five weeks, this edition was on the abandoned Leipziger Bahnhof in Dresden. Her addition to the project were the 'Cues of intention', design interventions that invited visitors to discover places and routes on the site that would otherwise have passed the eye. This enabled her to put into practice, design and test the interventions that were part of her graduation project.

Linde plays football and hockey and is preferably out camping with her van.