Founder, Landscape architect

Lodewijk van Nieuwenhuijze

Lodewijk wants to work in the front line of the field. In many of his assignments he looks for solutions to new problems or interprets already known questions in an innovative way. This often requires a deep dive into the functioning of the relevant objects or sectors. Lodewijk was one of the creators of the Plan Ooievaar; an innovative vision on nature and water management of the floodplains of our major rivers.


Between 1976 and 1990, Lodewijk worked as a landscape architect at Staatsbosbeheer and as a senior landscape architect/deputy head of the landscape architecture department of the Directorate of Forestry and Landscape Construction (Ministry of EL&I). In 1990, he founded H+N+S Landscape Architects together with Dick Hamhuis and Dirk Sijmons, resigned as director in 2015 and has continued his work as an advisor since then.


An important part of Lodewijk's substantive work is project-related, often in the role of supervisor or project leader. His expertise lies in the field of regional landscape planning and landscape architectural concept formation. Many projects operate at the interface of water/land planning at national, regional and organizational level.

In recent years, since 2010, he has made various contributions to the Delta Program and has become increasingly involved in the implementation of large dry and wet infrastructure projects.


Due to his extensive experience with and knowledge of water management in the Netherlands, as a landscape architect he regularly reinterprets existing implementation practice and provides innovative solutions. In recent years, Lodewijk has led the Future Perspectives project for the IJssel-Vecht Delta, the MIRT Multi-layer Safety study for the island of Marken, the Houtribdijk Integration Vision and the Gorinchem – Waardenburg Spatial Quality Guide. In the metropolitan region of Istanbul in Turkey, he worked on the Area Development for the basin of the river Riva.


Understand natural processes and then use them design-wise to resolve conflicts with other users and achieve ecological gains. From this vision he led the projects Nature and recreation in symbiosis, Redevelopment Hollandse Hout and on Vlieland he worked on various projects commissioned by the municipality and Staatsbosbeheer.


The combination of extensive design experience with large-scale multiple design issues and an eye for carefully worked-out detailing forms a good basis for a role as coordinating architect of complex implementation projects. In this role he has contributed to the plan realization of the project Room for the Waal near Nijmegen, and from 2016 on the area development project Ooijen-Wanssum, both for the combination Dura Vermeer-Ploegam.

Other activities

As a mentor, Lodewijk regularly supervises Landscape Architecture students with their graduation project.