Project leader, Landscape architect

Marijne Beenhakker

Marijne is a senior landscape architect/ project leader and has been working at H+N+S since 2015. Marijne looks at the landscape with a poetic view. First ideas often arise quickly, from intuition and association. These are refined and deepened on the basis of analysis and design research. A clear line of reasoning and purposeful imagination bring everything together. Marijne likes to work with an integrated view, across the scales: from visions to concrete design proposals.


In 2009 Marijne made the transition from the arts to landscape architecture. She completed the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in 2003 and the Academy of Architecture in 2015. Marijne gained experience at various employers: Buro Lubbers, La4sale and the Province of North Holland.



Marijne has a special interest in natural processes and landscape ecology and their relationship with other functions. Ecological verges were designed for the Appearance of the Duin and Bulb Region project that accentuate the landscape types present. The project was selected for the 2022 Landscape architecture and Urban Planning Yearbook. Nature and recreation gain for De Hollandse Hout is a proposal to strengthen the relationship between the Oostvaardersplassen and Hollandse Hout by constructing a rift within the forest area. A smart excavation strategy forms the financial engine of the project, which provides not only natural value but also amenity value.

Water and space

In recent years, Marijne has worked on various projects related to water. Thinking from the perspective of the soil and water system is receiving a lot of attention in recent times: a good momentum to make this vision concrete. The Ambition Document Future-proof Heuvelrug was drawn up for the southern Heuvelrug on behalf of various area partners, based on research by research and consultancy agency Hydrologic. In collaboration with Hydrologic, design research is currently underway for a future-proof Heuvelrug, Gooi and Vechtstreek, which includes the northern part of the Heuvelrug. The Water Vision of the Zuiderzeeland Water Board will be published in 2021. The special vision for Pauwels Water Landscape will be completed in 2020. The city was discovered in Tilburg as a source of clean water for the landscape: a radical physical and mental reversal with the past.


The Theemsweg route landscape plan is being implemented. The rugged area has been made accessible and ecologically enriched with subtle but targeted interventions. Oosterwold development strategy part 2 is a 'hors category' project. The radical anti-urban planning, devised by MVRDV, is intriguing, but the desired result was not achieved everywhere, for many reasons. The assignment was to explore the promising strategies for part 2 based on the ideas of Oosterwold part 1, taking into account the lessons learned, area-specific circumstances and current challenges.

Projects in the field of Special Heritage fit in with a poetic view. At the same time, there is a task for sustainable maintenance in this domain: costs for management and maintenance are often difficult to afford. For H+N+S, Marijne made a number of regional visions based on this approach. The Hollands Buiten project is a comprehensive vision of the future of estates and country estates in the province of South Holland. The ambition document Landgoederenzone Rijswijk shows how future plans in the area can contribute to cultural-historical, natural and recreational value. Smaller-scale projects in the field of heritage that Marijne worked on are De Tuinen van Hoogerlust and Landgoed Horssen.


Together with the Probos Foundation, Marijne was part of the H+N+S team that supervised the Biomass cultivation workshops as a design assignment. A publication by Probos appeared in August 2016. A Masterclass in Functional Landscape followed later in collaboration with ZLTO.


Tender design Zeesluis Terneuzen shows how the new lock can contribute to the public space of Terneuzen as an attractive link between the city and the countryside. In the tender design for 'Sluis Eefde', the construction of a new lock was used to improve the lock complex as a whole and to do justice to the beauty of the monumental, existing complex. The ViA15 Landscape Plan is a large-scale, complex project with various parties and interests and ecology and landscape experience as the main motives.

Other activities

As one of the H+N+S-ers involved in the Natuurpro network, Marijne is committed to a natural living environment. Since 2020 she has been a member of the Welfare and Monuments Committee of the municipality of Leidschendam-Voorburg. Furthermore, Marijne, together with colleagues, wrote a contribution for SPOOL magazine about the role of drawing time in the design process. She assesses practice portfolios for the Academy of Architecture together with others.