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The work of H+N+S Landscape Architects is at the heart of tradition, in which the landscape is always the result of significant human intervention in its (natural) environment View this project

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H+N+S Landscape Architects is a landscape architecture design office that contributes to a meaningful relationship between man and environment and functions as a laboratory, focused on cooperation and innovation.

H+N+S regards the Netherlands as a work of art which is never finished and in which functionality and beauty are closely connected. Our work can be characterised as engineering art with a corresponding approach that the office also propagates beyond national borders.

Our approach (Dutch)


Beyond Lux + finalist

'Beyond Lux" is finalist!


Ringpark + Antwerp

We are selected for the design of the Ringpark of South Antwerp.


In the past 25 years H+N+S has been working on the quality of the landscape. This has resulted in a broad portfolio with specialisations which have given H+N+S its own identity:

Water and spatial development >

Integration of infrastructure >

Sustainable city and region >

Revitalisation of cultural heritage >

Energy & space >

Nature development >

Landscaping (garden, park, public space) >


National Military Museum


Climate + Agriculture


2050 - An Energetic Odyssey


Strategic agenda for coastal area

dunes + dynamics


Living with the bay


Room for the River Nijmegen


City Hall + Garden

Regel 1


Land art park Buitenschot