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H+N+S Landscape architects has grown steadily since its foundation in 1990 and today employs 25 professionals connected with one another by full devotion to the profession and passion for the landscape. The management team consists of Nikol Dietz, Hank van Tilborg and Pieter Schengenga. Founding fathers Dirk Sijmons and Lodewijk van Nieuwenhuijze have resigned from the management in 2013 and 2015 respectively, followed by Jandirk Hoekstra in 2017. They continue their activities as advisors at H+N+S.

Arjen Spijkerman Projectleader, urbanist
Astrid Bennink project leader, Landscape architect
Camille Poureau Landscape architect
Cristina Di Paola landscape architect
Dirk Sijmons Founder, Landscape architect
Frank Talsma Project leader, Landscape architect
Gepke Heun Project leader, Urban planner
Hank van Tilborg Director, Landscape architect
Heleen Rozeveld Management assistant
Heleen van Boxelaere Landscape Architect
Jaap van der Salm project leader, Landscape Architect
Josje Hoefsloot Landscape architect
Jutta Raith Architect
Karien Bezemer Management assistant
Lodewijk van Nieuwenhuijze Founder, Landscape architect
Manca Jereb Intern
Marijne Beenhakker Landscape architect
Marlena Rether landschapsontwerper
Marscha van Dijk Office and business manager
Nikol Dietz Director, Landscape architect
Pieter Schengenga Director, Landscape architect
Pim Kupers Landscape architect
Sanne Glorie Intern
Simon Boterkooper CAD/GIS specialist & IT manager
Tim Kort Landscape architect
Yi Dou 2D & 3D designer