Yuka Yoshida

Landscape Architect

Yuka Yoshida has lived in large cities in Asia, the United States and Europe and got fascinated by the impact of nature on the built environment. This sparked her main interest: how can we ensure more harmony between nature and the built environment, also in the future?

Aside from designing she also works as a teacher, because she likes to contribute to the sharing of knowledge. She did this at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam and the European Master in Landscape Architecture (EMiLA). She also contributed to various design workshops at the TU Delft and gave lectures in Tokyo.


Yuka Yoshida graduated in 2015 at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam. She achieved her bachelor in landscape architecture at the Colorade States University. After graduating she decided to return to Japan. Here, she worked as research student at the Chiba University where she studied contemporary landscape architecture of Japan. Her curiosity towards landscape architecture guided her to the Netherlands. 


Yoshida works at H+N+S since the start of 2021. Previously, she has worked at the Field Four Design Office in Tokyo, Ken Smith Workshop in New York, Civitas Inc. in Denver, and DS landscape Architect in Amsterdam.