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  • Province of South Holland
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  • Delfland Coast
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  • Period
  • 2009-2012
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  • Deltares

With the Sand Motor pilot project, a large quantity of sand was deposited near the Dutch coast. Wind, waves and sea currents gradually distribute the sand along the coastline between Hook of Holland and Scheveningen.

H+N+S was one of the writers of the ‘Kustboekje’ (2006) and was already involved in the development of the ‘sand motor’ concept from early onwards. Through this booklet, the advisory board of the Dutch coast wanted to highlight the integrated approach of coastal development. The essence of the advice was that sand and natural (erosion) processes should be used innovatively to increase safety, recreation and nature along the coast of South Holland. This concept is reflected in the Sand Motor, built between Hook of Holland and Kijkduin in 2011.

The Sand Motor after construction (foto: https://beeldbank.rws.nl, Rijkswaterstaat/Joop van Houdt)
The Sand Motor one year after construction (foto: https://beeldbank.rws.nl, Rijkswaterstaat/Joop van Houdt)
Transformation after 5 years
Transformation after 10 years
Transformation after 15 years
Transformation after 20 years
The Sand Motor plan

In collaboration with DHV and Deltares, H+N+S worked on an Environmental Impact Assessment in 2009 on the location and shape of the Sand Motor pilot project, which resulted in the hook-shaped peninsula. Simultaneously, the opportunities for recreation and nature were explored. At a later stage, a plan was developed in which the temporary character, variability and transitoriness formed the biggest inspiration. H+N+S, for example, designed a watchtower, which like a missile, seems to have landed and then ready to take off again.

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