Dutch Dialogues Charleston

Oct. 2, 2019

The City of Charleston presented the final report of the Dutch Dialogues Study on the 26th of September. Experts from the Netherlands made a list of recommendations to help fix flooding issues in the city.

Topography matters, and it must be an essential factor in any future development

During a workshop session of 4 days, the Dutch Dialogues™ team studied four distinct typologies in Charleston, strategically selected as representative of the area. Approaches and design solutions for these areas will be replicated to address other areas of the city with similar typography and needs. H+N+S director Pieter Schengenga participated and developed together with other professionals a study and system design principles for the peninsula area of Charleston.

Over 800 years of living at the water’s edge makes the Dutch experts in water adaptation. Flooding cannot be 'fixed', however as the Dutch have learned, risk can be reduced. Their approach combines integrated planning with urban landscape design. This process presents a fundamental shift in how we approach the problem of flooding, offering a holistic way of thinking about water, its impacts, and its benefits.

Dutch Dialogues™ Charleston is directed and coordinated by Waggonner & Ball, LLC, The Water Institute of the Gulf and the Royal Netherlands Embassy, Washington, DC, alongside key Charleston region partners.

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