H+N+S featured in ‘Compendium of landscape architecture & open space design’

Oct. 17, 2017

Braun Publishing AG from Switzerland specialises in books on architecture, design and urban development. H+N+S is featured in this compendium with the projects National Military Museum in the category ‘Museum Gardens', and the River Park Waal in the category 'Water Management’.

The publisher about the book: "This fundamental work provides an overview of the whole creative realm of contemporary landscape architecture. Every aspect of the design and production of these public and private spaces is thematized and elucidated. These spaces encompass a huge variety, stretching from classic garden design and golf courses to greened façades, from guerilla gardening and cemeteries to roundabouts.
The approximately three dozen chapters chart the various tasks and challenges in comprehensive introductions. Around 250 vividly illustrated case studies from around the world offer solutions and suggestions in the design process. Whether conservative in style and requiring little explanation, or striking, even ostentatious, these projects are always inventive, unique and compelling – and always seeking to redefine the relationship between human beings and the natural world."