Infrastructure = landscape = city making

Feb. 25, 2021

We are proud to announce we have been selected for the design of the ‘Ringpark Zuid’, part of a larger constellation of interventions for the transformation of the Antwerp Ring road.

Our engagement in the research and debate on the transformation of this infrastructure started back in 2017. Through de groteverbinding the city has started an ambitious process to open up the car infrastructure, which while surrounding the city in a belt, divides areas and neighborhoods. The project meets multiple ambitions: not only to re-think such infrastructure and the constellation of spaces that surround it, but also to improve and link existing greenery into a park, connecting the surrounding neighborhoods while creating new opportunities for urban development, improving water buffering and air quality.

Due to the scale and complexity of the project, we have been working together with stakeholders and experts as well as with organisations, associations and citizens to create the right conditions in order to change this infrastructural landscape into a lived environment.

In collaboration with H+N+S, 51N4E , Tractebel , Endeavour , Bollinger Grohmann , IMDC en Plant en Houtgoed