"Landscape architecture yesterday and nowadays" by Christophe Girot

April 25, 2018

In its comprehensive overview of the landscape architecture history ‘Landschaftsarchitektur gestern und heute’ (Landscape architecture yesterday and nowadays) Christophe Girot, professor at the ETH Zurich and leading the Atelier Girot, described the history of civilizations and relationship of the man with its landscape. The landscape is revealed as a cultural task, an environmental challenge that required scientific empiricism but also as a form and act of art.

Contemporary landscape architecture projects are also featured in the book, and among them is the noise reduction wall of Schiphol [hyperlink], designed by H+N+S and realized in 2013. Christophe Girot organized recently the conference ‘Between Alpine Pastures and Metropolises’ in Innsbruck, discussing the challenge and dilemma of the contemporary development of the Tyrolean landscape.

Here the article in the Innsbruck newspaper about Girot's book and conferences :