Urban planner, landscape designer

Marijne Kreulen

Marijne Kreulen has been an urban designer and landscape designer at H+N+S Landscape Architects since 2021. In times of increasing demand for space, she finds this combination of learning pathways very interesting. In projects, Marijne looks for a transferable narrative and a solid core.


Marijne was trained at TU Delft within the Urbanism (MSc) learning track. During an exchange program with the University of Melbourne, she developed a fascination for the interaction between man and landscape. That is why she continued her education with the Infrastructure & Environment Design annotation, an interdisciplinary graduate program that delves into current problems in urban planning, hydraulic engineering and ecology.

In 2020, she contributed to research by design into enriching the Flemish Spatial Implementation Plan (RUP) with the underground dimension commissioned by the Flanders Environment Agency; within TU Delft's graduation studio Transitional Territories, she conducted research into the socio-spatial impact of urbanization at sea; in 2021 this work participated in the exhibition 'Inland, Seaward' which she organized in collaboration with Delta Urbanism Research Group. The exhibition delved into ten urbanized deltas and coastal areas in transition.


At H+N+S, Marijne works on projects at various scale levels: from local plan elaborations to regional future perspectives. In addition, a passion for water always comes to the fore. For example, she worked on the Blue Agenda for the Utrechtse Heuvelrug, which focuses on drawing up a robust water vision and the relationship between land use and the water system. In the dyke improvement between Tiel and Waardenburg, she is responsible for the landscape design of the dyke where it connects to villages and public space. In addition to design, research is also an important area of attention. This found a place, for example, in 'Redesigning Deltas', a multidisciplinary research program in which H+N+S conducted research into the feasibility of various planning instruments and the position of soil and water in contemporary planning practice.

Marijne enjoys mountain and water sports and sometimes writes poetry.