Landscape architect

Danielle van Meijeren

Danielle van Meijeren (1994) is a landscape architect and has a great interest in psychology and health in relation to the field.


Danielle studied Garden and Landscape Design at Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences in Velp, majoring in garden architecture. After completing the 4-year course, she wanted to continue her studies, gain more theoretical knowledge and further develop her research skills. This led to her decision to follow the Master Landscape Architecture at the university in Wageningen. After completing her master's degree, she started working at H+N+S in 2019. Where she completed the legal professional experience period for landscape architects and completed it in 2022.



During the master and minor 'public health and environment' she discovered her interest in psychology and health in relation to the field. How do people experience and experience the space around them? What is the effect of public space on physical and mental health? What is the effect of nature on the human brain? These kinds of questions laid the foundation for her graduation work 'A Boost of Nature'. In it she draws up design principles and shows an example for setting up a healthy work landscape with the aim of reducing stress among employees and combating the growing number of burnouts.

Her participation in Healthy Sense of the province of South Holland fits in well with this. The theme of 'healthy living environment' is examined from different angles, with a focus on the green city and human behaviour.


In addition, Danielle likes to work on projects related to the Forest Strategy. Under the climate agreement, 37,000 hectares of extra forest must be planted in the Netherlands. Various authorities such as the province, Rijkswaterstaat and Staatsbosbeheer are working on this. Smart combinations, linking up with other current assignments, are important here. Such as in the Forest and Housing project, where the housing task is also taken into account together with forest, in order to form a business case together.


Another field of interest that interests her is heritage and site design in which cultural history plays a role. Danielle thinks it's important to tell this story and add extra value to a place. She also likes to design places where people come together. The users are very important here, because designing a beautiful place that is not used misses the mark.