Redevelopment + Cultural Heritage

Design Plan Den Eikenboom

Den Eikenboom has been the beating heart of Loenen on the Veluwe since 1803 and is currently being renovated after being empty for years and even on the demolition list. The building has now been given monument status. H+N+S Landscape Architects has made a suitable design for the outdoor space, so that the historic location can be closed to the hearts of the future generation of villagers.


Relaunch of a meeting place

Den Eikenboom is located on a former trade route on the edge of a farmer's es and was a popular resting place for people passing through and local residents. With the closure of Den Eikenboom, the meeting space has become obsolete, but the memories of the building and the place live on. The redevelopment creates space for a new meeting place for villagers and visitors.

The development will improve the spatial quality and quality of life of the village.


Clear main design

The outdoor area consists of four zones. The first zone is the terrace at the front, adjacent to the main road. The second zone is an accessible green on the south side of the site that offers space for village activities such as a sheep shearing festival or a small street fair. The third zone is 'the tea garden', a more intimate place that can also be closed off for a private party, among other things. These three zones ensure that the outdoor space of Den Eikenboom is suitable for various occasions. The fourth zone will be a publicly accessible lane with space for visitor parking.


Vibrant outdoor space

The centerpiece of the plan is the pavilion, which consists of a raised plateau on the border between the terrace and the green. In the run-up to a village activity, the plateau can be converted into an open, centrally located pavilion that can accommodate a band, for example. The pavilion is located in the sightlines of access roads, which reinforces the social function of the place. Outside the village activities, the raised plateau can be used as a terrace.

Farm planting plan

Fruit trees on the green and the plants on the site provide cooling in the summer and welcome visitors with a splendor of color in the spring. The site is planted with a farmer's range of perennials that refer to the agricultural history of the place. The planting plan is drawn up in collaboration with planting expert Jaqueline van der Kloet.


The development of Den Eikenboom improves the spatial quality and quality of life of the village. Given the social function and central location, the plan has been discussed with the village council, municipality, province and also the residents. With the quality impulse of the development of Den Eikenboom, an attempt is made to restore this historic location to its former glory and to contribute to a vital and liveable Loenen.

Plan status

The preliminary design will be further elaborated in the coming period in collaboration with engineering firm SmitsRinsma and planting specialist Jacqueline van der Kloet. The opening of Den Eikenboom is planned for spring 2024