Director, Landscape architect

Hank van Tilborg

Hank van Tilborg is a garden and landscape architect and director of H+N+S. His expertise lies in the field of conceptual vision and planning up to and including its effect on the concrete implementation design, and that in the full breadth of the profession (park design, housing construction, infrastructure design, etc.).


Hank studied garden landscape architecture at Wageningen University from 1990 to 1996. From 1996 - 1999 he worked as a landscape architect at the municipality of Rotterdam, at the Urban Planning and Housing Department. He then worked as a landscape architect at Enno Zuidema Stedenbouw, from 1999 to 2002. From the beginning of 2002 to the end of 2006, Hank worked as a senior landscape architect and project manager at Inbo Stedenbouwkundigen & Landschapsarchitecten. At that time, Hank designed various housing projects in Zwolle (Stadshagen) and Amersfoort (Vathorst), among others. Since 2006, Hank has been working as a senior landscape architect/project leader at H+N+S Landscape Architects. From 2011 he is partner/director of H+N+S.


Special historical heritage

Hank is fascinated by projects in which cultural history plays a major role, whether it concerns military heritage such as the Geniepark in the Haarlemmermeer or historic country estates such as Landgoed Windesheim near Zwolle, the garden and park construction of Jachthuis St. Hubertus or Park Lefortovo in Moscow.

He worked on renovation plans for the 19th century romantic Citadel Park in Ghent, but also on various historic private gardens such as an old Springer garden on the Utrechtse Heuvelrug, a Pieter Buys garden near a Rietveld villa in Het Gooi and the estate Soestdijk. For ARTIS, Hank created the spatial framework for the further development and sustainability of the Netherlands' oldest zoo with the Master Plan 2030, and he designed the adaptation of Artisplein 2.0 around the new Groote Museum. He is currently working on the redevelopment of the former sanatorium De Hooge Riet in Ermelo into a new residential area.

Landscaping around large buildings and special crowd pullers

Designing special public places, places where many people come together and stay, or the outdoor space around large government buildings is a second fascination. In recent years Hank has designed, among other things, the recreational beach of Maasvlakte 2, the outdoor area of the National Military Museum in Soesterberg, the garden for the new Naturalis museum and the new RIVM building. The renewal of the central area of NP De Hoge Veluwe was recently completed.

Hank is currently working on the elaboration of the winning selection for the Technology Center Land at the Leusderheide, commissioned by the Central Government Real Estate Agency.


Another important area of interest is the interface between design and public infrastructure, such as national highways. Hank worked for some time on the landscape integration of the A9 Gaasperdammerweg (IXAS), and previously also on the A12 VEG and the reconstruction of the A1/A27. He made the landscape plan and various design plans for Maasvlakte 2, worked on the tenders for the new sea lock at IJmuiden and the sea lock Terneuzen and designed the site of the new WWTP Hilversum. He is currently working on the integration of the new A16 near Rotterdam (De Groene Boog) and the extension of the A15 near Duiven/Zevenaar (ViA15), with a spectacular bicycle bridge.


Other activities

Writing and teaching

After his studies, Hank has always been active in the profession in addition to his daily work. He has been a member of the editorial board of BLAUWE KAMER, a magazine for landscape architecture and urban planning, for more than 10 years, and has also been active in landscape architecture education (at the Academies of Architecture in Amsterdam, Arnhem and Rotterdam) since his first job. In 2017, Hank joined the Professional Field Advisory Committee of Wageningen University. In 2012 he was co-initiator and author of the publication Landschappelijk Wonen.

Q teams and spatial quality committee

From 1 Jan. In 2015, Hank was a member of the image quality committee (welstands- and monuments committee) of the Municipality of Nijmegen and the Q-team for the Waal bridge for 5 years. Until 1 Jan. From 2022 he was a member of the Spatial Quality Team (RKT) Waalsprong, in the last period as chairman. From Sept. From 2016 to the present, he is chairman of the Q-team for the development of the new residential area Stadsbloks Meinerswijk in Arnhem, commissioned by developer KPW.

Advisory work

From 2007 to early 2010, Hank was a member of the board of the Groene Sociƫteit and the program council of the Utrecht architecture center AORTA. In the period 2018-2019, Hank was a member of the sounding board group for health research in spatial planning development at Radboud UMC and, on behalf of the NVTL, a member of the Inspiration Group for the 'Region of the Future' - Regional Design project at the National Environmental Vision. From 2019 he will participate in Natuurpro, a network organization of nature professionals, such as gardeners, ecologists, suppliers, garden and landscape architects and nature contractors.

Hank is a sports fan. He is crazy about football and passionate about racing cyclists, mountain bikers, climbers and skiers.