Landscape designer

Olivier Klijn

Olivier Klijn works as a landscape architect at H+N+S with aspiration for promoting meaningful contact with our natural environment, with the positive relationship between nature and health in mind. He also works on urgent social issues such as climate adaptation and sustainability, often related to the water system. In addition, as decathlete that has to succeed in many events, Olivier works with perseverance on a wide range of different subjects to better our landscape.


Olivier graduated as MSc in landscape architecture at Wageningen University (WUR). During his Bachelor, also landscape architecture at WUR, he followed a six-month Minor at TU Delft. This Minor (Neighbourhood of the Future - Green Blue Cities) focused on research by design in the urban outdoor space, with a focus on climate adaptation. During his studies, Olivier further specialized in the field of climate adaptation, sustainability and the relationship between nature and health.



During Olivier's studies, his fascination for large-scale and complex water issues arose, which he is actively working on at H+N+S. For example, he worked for the Rijn en IJssel water board on an exploration of the problems, tasks and the action perspective of the water system of the Achterhoek and for Wetterskip Fryslân on the Blue Environmental Vision. He is currently working on an area pilot for Notter-Zuna as an application of the Eo Wijers winning concept 'The Eternal Source - a water landscape with an eternal future'.


Olivier is also familiar with small-scale design. For example, he worked on the rift and nature campsite in the Hollandse Hout, the Melksteeg ecological zone west of Amersfoort and the future perspective for the Margotstelling and surrounding dune area on Terschelling. In these projects, the challenge lay mainly in making space inclusive, or where necessary consciously separate, of space for nature, outdoor sports, recreation, cultural history and rural living, with a clear zoning of private/public space. These plans also required a sophisticated construction and maintenance strategy.


Olivier graduated with a master's thesis on the cooling capacity of shunting yards (at night) and how this can prevent heat stress in the city. Many different themes come together here, such as; infrastructure, climate adaptation, nuisance and safety, but also ecology and sustainability. His interest in the rail sector stems from experiences with the Trans-Siberian Railway in which he traveled more than 9000 km across Russia. The wild and untouched Siberia is an unrelenting place in the harsh winter. Nevertheless, this train ride and the landscape have a special place in Olivier's heart and he strives to bring more adventure and nature to the Dutch landscape.


Olivier trains for the decathlon himself but also enjoys training others. During his holidays, he seeks to immerse himself in Op vakantie waant hij zich graag in landscapes full of dynamic and rugged nature, to wander off and discover pristine landscapes. He believes that the Dutch landscapes could inherit some more excitement now and then.