project leader, Landscape Architect

Jaap van der Salm

Jaap is fascinated by the smart combination of innovative solutions with opportunities for ecological, recreational and urban development. He has further developed his integral design skills in a number of international projects in Turkey and the United States, among others, and gets a lot of energy from multidisciplinary collaboration with Dutch and foreign professionals. In 2011 Jaap won the design competition 'New impetus for neighborhoods from the 70s and 80s' (The Hague), and in 2013 the redevelopment of the former Polaroid 'performance factory' in Enschede.


Jaap van der Salm (1985) studied landscape architecture at the University of Wageningen and obtained his Master's degree in 2010. His graduation project 'A working landscape for New Orleans' - a design study into stormwater management and water as an urban quality - was published in a limited edition. and nominated for Archiprix 2011. It served as input for Dutch Dialogues II, an initiative that brings together Dutch and American professionals. Jaap has been working as a landscape architect at H+N+S Landscape Architects since 2010. Here he mainly focuses on large-scale water issues at home and abroad.



One of Jaap's areas of interest is water safety and eco-engineering. Selected projects are Room for the Waal, Nijmegen, Bypass Kampen, Bolluca River Park and Waterplan Beykoz. The last two projects are located in Istanbul, Turkey.


In addition, Jaap focuses on integrated and sustainable water management. Experience has been built up with this in Urban Water Plan New Orleans , Rebuild by Design, New York , Quickscan Beykoz, Istanbul , and Arnavutköy Strategic Vision, Istanbul, among others.


In multidisciplinary design workshops (Dutch Dialogues, New Orleans , South Florida Resilient Redesign, Miami , Tide Water Norfolk, Virginia) Jaap has further developed interdisciplinary collaboration.

Besides work, Jaap can be found on his sailboat, racing bike or in the mountains.