Jutta Raith

As an architect, she designs architectural elements that support the larger landscape story. Besides the design work, Jutta's second passion is to depict it. She has her own handwriting with which she can communicate the core of a plan clearly and seductively, as in the vision for the Haarlemmertrekvaart.


After obtaining her journeyman's letter as a furniture maker, Jutta studied architecture at the University of Wuppertal and TU Delft. During her studies she did an internship at O.M.A in Rotterdam and Rkw in Düsseldorf. In 1999 she obtained her master's degree in architecture at TU Delft with the design of a station area. Since then, Jutta has been working as an architect at H+N+S.

Jutta has developed into an independent working architect and landscape designer in the field of small and medium-scale projects such as garden and park designs, namely Park Bellevue, Citadel Park, Park Buitenschot, Dumontplein. As well as master plans for urban expansions (Masterplan Rijnstate, Cultural-historical axis Boxtel) and landscape visions such as Area Vision Kinderdijk , Landscape Plan Central Axis , Integration Vision Houtribdijk , Idea Round Bicycle Highway , Recreational Developments Vlieland.



Jutta is always looking for the ideal walking or cycling route to make an area experienceable for the user. Jutta likes to design the routing through an area. She works through to the materialization of the path structure. Her challenge is that the routes are well anchored in the area from a landscape and cultural-historical point of view. They must tell a story and the materials must naturally fit into the environment. For example, Jutta worked on the recreational network of Ooijen Wanssum, the lighting plan of I-Lent, various recreational developments on Vlieland, the integration of the pedestrian bridge De Trintel and an ecological connection in the Oostvaardersplassen.


It goes without saying that within the office Jutta is involved in projects where furniture and works of art are co-designed, such as bridges, scaffolding, park furniture and small built facilities. In the past, Jutta has designed, among other things, the park furniture of the Bolluca River Park in Turkey and the Amalia Park. She has recently been working on the bridges of the Middentocht in the Greenpark Aalsmeer. A number of bridges over the Machinetocht in the same planning area have already been completed. Jutta works together with Arcadis for the engineering. Her challenge is not to realize a separate object, but a landscape-anchored and beautifully integrated work of art with sober detailing. A special assignment was the design of a chapel for St. Christopher as part of the Ooijen-Wanssum area development.


In addition to designing works of art, Jutta has extensive experience in drawing up image quality plans for works of art and landscapes. In the past, Jutta drew up image quality rules for the bridges in Ter Borch, the dune viaducts on Maasvlakte 2, the Nesselande bridges in Rotterdam and the Defense Line of Amsterdam. She recently drew up rules for a new bridge near the lock area in Deinum.


Jutta's second passion, in addition to design, is the clear representation of designs, whether or not worked out in detail. She draws bird's-eye views and impressions in a comic-like and monochrome way. As an illustrator, Jutta depicts spatial issues of a diverse nature.

Other activities

In addition to her work at H+N+S, Jutta has her own illustration studio, where she draws impressions, birds-eye views, infographics and whiteboard animations with passion. Here she makes inventions that also enrich her work at H+N+S.